Ever Misplaced a Folder in Outlook ? Heres a Quick Way to Find It.

Microsoft Outlook is great don’t get me wrong, but the lack a organic folder search function is frustrating and quite frankly lazy. Never mind though if you have ever misplaced a folder in Outlook here is a way to find it.

If you still know of an email that exists in the folder you are searching for do an advanced search to find it,

click on the search inbox bar

then click on search tool

click on the drop down box and select “Any type of Outlook item”

Once you have searched for your email and found it open it by double clicking on it, when in the email press CTRL+ALT+F this will open the advanced find box once again

When this is open click on the browse button

This will then display where the message is located in your folder structure, from there you can find the folder and move it to your desired location.

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