How Can Digital Transformation Be Made Easy?

In this modern day and age, almost everybody is talking about and enjoying the undeniable power of information technology (IT). Thus, seeing the big role that IT plays in social development, the government of Australia is now working on achieving digital transformation to fully cater to the needs of its constituents.

However, this move is not as easy as it seems due to legal and budgetary obstacles. Hence, it has now become a big question whether or not the state government will beat the commonwealth in achieving digital transformation.

Obviously, it will be easier for the state agencies to achieve it as they have the edge in terms of smaller, more innovative solutions and they are dealing with a more modest user base.

On the other hand, it is better if these state agencies can work hand in hand on excellent IT support services to get the best outcome. Fortunately, companies like us at Infinite-IT can already provide you with such services.

To have a better grasp on this issue, find out what Victoria’s DHHS CIO Steve Hodgkinson and Adelaide City Council’s David Carroll has to say by watching this video.


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