Learn How to Protect Yourself from Cryptolocker

CryptoLocker is a ransomware Trojan virus that intends to cause harm to computers running Microsoft Windows and extort money from the user. This virus first came out in September of 2013, and until now it is seen as a big threat that wiles around on the internet these days.

This type of virus propagates via social engineering and hides in attachments that seem to have come from reputable companies. Once activated, the virus would install itself on your computer and encrypt itself onto your important files.

The big fuss about cryptolocker comes from the fact that its authors have been both nimble and persistent. They have been targeting different groups over time mostly from the US and UK, making it an alarming issue.

Good thing that there are also surefire ways to counter or resolve this problem. Here are a couple of solutions that you can do to effectively protect yourself from this virus or get rid of it in case you have already been infected.

● Have a Backup of Your Data
Since this ransomware is persistent in causing harm to your files, the best way to beat it is to have regularly updated backup data. This way, if you lose a document due to its attack, you have a way of restoring it back to your system, and you can also clean up your machine making it easier for you to get rid of the virus.

Plus, the fact that this kind of virus will also encrypt files on your external drives like a USB or the thumb drive makes a regular backup regimen necessary. This will ensure that your files, especially the critical ones are not totally lost.

● Disable Hidden File-extensions and Be Careful When Opening Emails
Remember that this virus spreads out through emails, so you need to take extra care in opening them. Do not open any email from someone you do not know, especially those with attachments.

Another great way of keeping yourself safe from the cryptolocker virus is to disable hidden file extensions in Windows. This allows you to easily see if this virus attacks you, and you can immediately find the right solution to get rid of such a virus.

● Patch or Update Your Software
One of the best ways to ensure that you won’t be affected by this malware is to keep your software updated. Oftentimes, malware authors target people having outdated software as they don’t have enough protection from virus attacks.

You can also enable automatic updates, or you can go directly to the software vendor
as malware can also present themselves as software notifications.

● Unplug from the Network Immediately

You should be vigilant with suspicious files, and if you happen to run a file which you suspect to be a ransomware, disconnect yourself from the network before it finishes encrypting your files.
Since it takes some time to encrypt all your files, you can still stop the malware from garbling all of them, thus saving yourself from serious problems.

While the above-mentioned ways can work to your advantage, still nothing substitutes a reliable IT support service from highly-qualified professionals. There are several companies that can provide you with this; you just have to look for the one that matches your needs and are out to keep you safe from virus attacks.

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