Microsoft’s Docs Site Is Not Safe yet as It Is Still Leaking Sensitive Info

Unfortunately, the reinserted search function is not yet fixed.

It is surprising but true that Microsoft’s document sharing website continues to reveal private content uploaded by users. This happened even after the giant company gave their assurance that they have already fixed the issue.

Earlier today, Microsoft stated that it had taken down the search function after it was reported by ZDNet to have allowed anyone to see confidential documents through targeted terms such as ‘password’, ‘application’ and ‘home address’.

Despite their claim that they have taken care of the problem, the search function still quickly reappears towards the end of the day, and unfortunately, continues to deliver sensitive results. These included credit card statements, job applications, curricula vitae, medical information, and security clearance forms. This was confirmed by iTnews.

What is alarming about this is the fact that the documents can be viewed in a web browser, downloaded and can be shared by viewers without them having to log in to social media or email. Again, this was shown during the iTnews testing.
Moreover, viewers can also like the documents and can even add them to their collections. To make thing worse, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has indexed a range of documents that have sensitive information from

It was the intention of Microsoft to set up so users can ‘showcase and discover’ documents from the company’s products including the Office productivity suite, Sway, Adobe PDF files and Minecraft.

It has also been said that the company has not responded yet to request for comments by the time of publication.


This is a statement taken from a spokesperson from Microsoft:

‘ lets customers showcase and share their documents with the world. As part of our commitment to protect customers, we’re taking steps to help those who may have inadvertently published documents with sensitive information.

‘Customers can review and update their settings by logging into their account at’

We all hope that the problem of leaking sensitive information will finally be put to an end for the safety of every Microsoft user.

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