Hacking Is Here to Stay: Follow These 6 Steps to Protect Yourself

Hacking isn’t a new issue; however, these days it becomes more rampant, and it will continue to exist or even grow as long as we use the internet. It existed as early as 1903, when the public learned about Marconi’s wireless telegraph which was hacked at that very moment when its capabilities were about to be demonstrated to a large crowd gathered at London’s Royal Institution.

It is very unfortunate that nothing seemed to stop hackers from doing their illegal activities; in fact today, they are even a way more sophisticated that we can think. Their activities have even evolved into a wide-ranging web of cybercrime that is undeniably difficult to avoid because oftentimes perpetrators for a variety of reasons which include selling data for profit, hacktivism, stealing state secrets, and even use it as a form of revenge against former employers or enemies. However, it is clear enough that the main motive is profit. according to Juniper Research, the cost of cybercrime will top $2 trillion by 2019.
This makes it even more alarming. Hence, it becomes necessary that you know how to protect yourself from this real online risk.

To protect yourself against hackers and assorted cyber criminals, here are 6 tips that you can follow:

●Be Careful with Possible Dangers
As an internet user, you need to be aware of the possible risks of falling into the hacker’s trap and learn how to avoid them. For example, when you log on a WiFi network or a website, or maybe connecting a new device at home or the office, you should consider doing these: Stop, Think, and Connect. This gives you enough time to assess whether or not you are safe from possible hacker’s attack.

●Know The Nature of Hacking

Although you often think that hacking happens only over the internet, the fact is, it doesn’t just occur just there, as hackers do all kinds of methods to achieve their goal. These include spreading viruses through thumb drives, employing social engineering to steal user credentials, phone scams, and phishing emails that bait users into clicking infected attachments or URLs.

●Know More about the Potential Risks
Since hacking has become to businesses, they will most likely consider investing in cybersecurity education for users. However, as individuals, we also need to know exactly the current threats that hacking brings and learn how to avoid them. Good thing that we can get a lot of help online.

●Get Some Protection
You know so well that antivirus (AV) software and scans are there to help you, but you should also understand that they aren’t enough to keep networks safe. You need to work with cybersecurity professionals to ensure that you are really safe.

●Report Cybercrime
There many cyber crimes that go unreported because businesses want to avoid embarrassment. However, this gives cyber criminals the feeling of safety as they continue doing their illegal activities. Therefore, if in any cases you become a victim of hacking, make sure to let the authorities know about it. This can greatly help in discouraging the criminals from committing cyber crimes.

●Be Always Protected
Hackers are present anywhere and at anytime, so you need to protect yourself against hackers whenever you are using any computing devices. Moreover, you need to remember that hacking as an illegal online activity is here to stay, so be always prepared to protect yourself. The best way to do this is to get help from excellent it managed services providers, and one name that you can trust is Infinite IT. To know more about our services, visit us at http://www.8it.com.au/.

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