Some of the Characteristics to Look for in an IT Consultant

You definitely want your business operations to run smoothly – no delays and no interruptions. This may be the top reason why you want to hire an IT consultant to ensure that your IT infrastructure is taken care of. However, you have to make sure that you hire the right one for your business. Not everyone who claims to be an IT consultant can understand your business and can address your specific IT needs. That is why you need to be extra careful in choosing one who you can trust for that critical part of your business.

To help you out, here are some of the characteristics that you can look for:

Relevant Experience
Choose a consultant who has an experience working in the same type and size of business like yours. This is for the simple reason that different types and sizes of businesses may have different challenges. That is why when hiring an IT consultant, make sure he has enough experience and has succeeded in working with companies not only in your industry but also your size.

Track Record
Before deciding whether to hire a consultant or not, check their online portfolio as well as their membership to community sites like GitHub, Coderbits or CloudSpokes,” suggests Dave Messinger, CTO of CloudSpokes, a community of global developers. This way, you see the quality of their work. Remember that the quality of their previous work can be your best basis for the kind of services that you’ll get from them.

Credentials and Affiliations
While it is good to start knowing about them by looking at their experience, it is equally important for the consultant to have some industry certifications or accreditation and ask if their certifications are up to date. This is to give the assurance that they are keeping abreast with the fastest trends in technology, thus making them more capable of catering to your needs.

Communication Skills and Ability to Work Well with People.
Look for a consultant who can speak clearly and who can successfully convey the right message to your IT team and to the management. To quote Bruno Scap, the president of Galeas Consulting, a firm specializing in technology management, “An IT consultant must be business-savvy and possess good communication skills.”

This is very important because a consultant should be able to express technology in business terms to make sure that they better understood by the management, afterall, the purpose of technology is to solve business problems. That is why a competent IT consultant should be able to excel both in technical and business settings.”
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