Learn these Reliable Techniques to Protect Yourself Against Hackers

The word “Hackers” is synonymous to danger. Yes, they are dangerous and scary. This is because these people got the knowledge and the power to have access to your most precious data. For example, if they decide to target a rich company, they can find the right information about that company by simply searching the web. They next thing they will do is to look for the weaknesses in the company’s security and then use the company’s own to carry out their ill-intentions, thus putting the data you’ve entrusted to that company in jeopardy.

At a bird’s eye view, you may think that you’re helpless, but the fact is, you’re not! You can arm yourself and fight back!

Here are some ways on how you can protect yourself from those bad guys:

Update your OS and other software frequently
One significant thing that you can do is to Update your OS and other software as frequent as necessary in case it does not do updates automatically. Doing this keeps hackers from having access to your computer due to outdated programs.
You also need extra protection by enabling Microsoft product updates to also have your Office Suite updated. Consider checking or even retiring software that are susceptible to attack such as Java or Flash.

Download up-to-date security programs
In order to ensure the safety of your data, you need Download up-to-date security programs including antivirus and anti-malware software, anti-spyware. In case your OS does not come with a firewall, you also need to down load it. Moreover, you trick even the most dangerous hackers by investing in anti-exploit technology like Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. This way, you can protect yourself from attacks.

Leave No Traces of Your Personal Info on Hardware You Plan On Selling.
To give hackers no chances to attack your data, delete your hard drive using d-ban to make your information more difficult to recover for those looking to pillage your recycled devices. If you have highly critical information, the best tool to use is a chainsaw.

Do not Use Open Wifi Connection
Be wary when accessing an open wifi as it gives hackers easy for hackers to steal your connection and download illegal files. Hence, you need to protect your wifi using an encrypted password, and refresh your equipment every few years as newer routers enable you to provide your guests with segregated wireless access. They also make it easy for you to change your password easily.
Keep your password protected as it always protects all of your devices.

Practice Smart Surfing and Emailing.
Do not fall easily into the hacker’s trap such as sending you phishing emails. Be smart enough in checking the sender of the email. If you are not sure if it really comes from the address that claims to have sent it, delete it. That way, you will not commit the mistake of opening it.

These are a few of the best tips to surely protect yourself from hackers. While all these tips can help you, it is still best to get the protection from the professionals just like us at Infinite IT. We provide with exceptional it support service. Check us out at http://www.8it.com.au/.

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