Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Infinite IT has always been a cloud first provider. We know the many benefits of cloud computing, scalability, flexibility and efficiency, which is why we always think cloud first.

Infinite IT partners with Microsoft Azure and ZettaGrid. Our designs are built on the foundations of security, stability and cost effectiveness. If you’re looking to move to the cloud but are still on the fence, or if you’ve already made the transition and are looking to optimise your cloud, Infinite IT is here to help.

Our Cloud Solutions

Reduce infrastructure costs, provide virtually limitless scalability and agility, and accelerate time to market. IaaS is a model that virtually ensures 99% up-time and the highest levels of security and compliance.

The anywhere, anytime, anyhow nature of DaaS allows your staff to access their desktops over the internet via PC, laptop, tablet and even smartphone, giving them unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

“Boost your productivity with Office 365”
We love using this phrase here at Infinite IT, but really the word productivity can be summed up to “can I do my job easier?” Microsoft has invested heavily to bring this realisation to SMB’s at a fraction of the cost. Take advantage!

Does the cloud sound perfect for your business?

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